• Cm Leung
    Cm Leung
    ABOUT CM LEUNGMASTER OF WPPI WORLD’S TOP 30 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS - SIGNATURE BRIDE MAGAZINEMOST VALUABLE SERVICES AWARDS IN HONG KONG 2015 - MEDIAZONE PUBLISHINGWORLD’S TOP 50 LEADERS IN WEDDING BUSINESS (50个华人人最有影响力力的婚礼人人) – COSMOBRIDE MAGAZINETOP 10 PHOTOGRAPHERS IN CHINA (2012 中國十傑) - PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINETOP 10 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN HONG KONG - SHE.COMCM LEUNG is Master of WPPI, the creative director and principal photographer of CM Leung Gallery based in HK with presence in Greater China, Malaysia and U.S.; and also the founder of WPPA (Wedding and Portrait Photographer of Asia) with the ambition to inspire wedding photographers within Asia.CM enjoys a successful career in wedding photography since he turned pro in 2005 and has won multiple awards in major international competitions. In 2010 he has won the prestigious “WPPI International Wedding Print of the Year” and “WPPI International Photo-Journalism Print of the Year” awards. These grand awards recognize the highest standard of photography and CM is the first Asian photographer to have accomplished such honors. He has also won the most photography awards internationally since year 2009. These achievements led him to be one of the most reputable photographers in the world.Since 2009 CM has dedicated time to conduct workshops and seminars in different country including Australia, USA, Mexico, UK, Italy, Turkey, Estonia, Romania, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Malaysia , Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong, etc. It is his aspiration to share his passion and vision to photography enthusiasts all over the world. His presentations are well received and he is regarded as one of the most respected speakers in the industry.CM is well-known for his unique style of shooting with the combination of natural light and his amazing vision. His images are elegant, intimate and artistic. He is a photographer who is able to translate feelings into images that touches one’s emotion, mind and heart.