• Dushan Stojancevic
    Dushan Stojancevic
    For Dusan Stojancevic: "Time lapse photography and its commercial use" Time lapse photography and its commercial use I will show you the quick guide to produce the high quality time-lapse videos. Which you can use in many areas of photography and video. From commercials to weddings. Lecture consists of preparing, shooting and editing in Photoshop, LRTimelapse, Lightroom, Premiere, After Effects. With this lecture you will get insights of best way to avoid regular mistakes of composition, flicker, post production and export. Hope that we can all learn from each other and see you in Macedonia soon! BIO: Dusan Stojancevic is a Photographer/Cinematographer from Belgrade, Serbia. After graduated as a food engineer, decided to pursuit his one true love with from early childhood –photography. In 2012 he opens a Creative Light production, which lead to expanding photography to video and producing commercial short videos. Dealing with all sorts of photography-video from commercial to wedding. http://www.creativelight.rs/ Specialized in motion-control Time-lapse and Hyper-lapse, using these techniques to produce innovative short films for the Tourism industry, Corporate, TV commercials and Weddings. Published on National Geographic, BBC, Huffington post, Daily mail and many more noticeable magazines around the globe. The most recognizable work was “Droplet Microcosmos” where he was the first photographer who took famous landmarks into the tiny drops of water.