• Greg Moment
    Greg Moment

    Greg Moment was named The Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World by “Just Married” in 2013 and “The International Photographer of the Year 2014” by International Film and Photography Festival in Indonesia. In 2016, he received the prestigious title of the „Photographer of the Year" in "Creative Portrait" category of Master Photography Awards (MPA) 2016/2017. He received the prestigious title of the “Wedding photographer of the year” from Master Photographers International Organization MPIO. He won the 1st place in annual prestigious photography contest "ND Awards 2016" in the category: Professional Winners: people: wedding / family. Greg has received many awards, e.g. “Top 10 of Braut Magazine 2016”, „Gold Awards” of SWPP, Second place in La Grande Photo – International Photographic Awards 2016, “Silver Distinctions” of WPPI, „The Most Beautiful Polish Wedding” Award - Bridelle Magazine, „Diamond Award” of IFPF for the image „Bride in Tuscany”.

    Greg Moment is a wedding photographer.He has been also a Judge in other many international photo competitions all over the world - he has supported Image'n'tech Photography Contest (in Greece), Nikon Contest, Magic Lens Competition, Inspiration Photographers (Brasil), PPANI (Northern Ireland), etc .He was a speaker on the stage during Nec Photography Show in 2017 in Birmingham, UK providing the speech “How to shot the big day?” for more than 200 listeners.
    For several years as an Ambassador of Dedolight, Greg has been supporting other wedding photographers and their development through comprehensive photography workshops. Being also an Ambassador of Phottix, Microsoft, Eizo, Phase One and Wacom, as a member of "Phottix Pro Team", he has an access to the best lighting equipment and knowledge. Greg has provided many seminars and workshops for photographers, working for international conventions, WPPA International, The School of Image, WPPI, MPA, Nikon School, etc. all over the world for years. His last books were called “Newborn Photography from A to Z” and „Wedding Photographer Bible. Not including Poland, shooting more than 700 weddings in his career, he has worked as a photographer and teacher in more than 26 countries. Greg is also a Founder of magiclensawards.com and Magic Lens Group.
    More at: www.moment.com.pl