• Salvatore Dimino
    Salvatore Dimino


    Lecture topic:
    Lecture time: 12:00 – 13:45 (Day 2)
    Awards and publications: In 2011 he received the award from Fiof Awards Contest by submitting photos and getting 1 Silver and 2 Bronze. As a wedding photographer in his city, he recently was contacted by a Wedding Planner in London where he has been endorsed for English weddings taking place in Sicily.
    Bio: Starting young and even before finishing school, he already worked with his father, devoting himself with great passion to the art of photography. At the age of 16, he began to take his first photographic courses, from there a long series of workshops where he had the opportunity to meet established photographers and famous throughout Italy and around the world . In the past year, he has been requested as a speaker for Workshops in Italy and in Europe.
    The style of Salvatore Dimino is now unique and unmistakable. When operating in outdoor environments, he attempts to capture the beauty of the details and the spontaneity of the moment. His photos are full of atmosphere: there are mixed glimmers of light, perspectives and reflections. But beyond the personal techniques acquired, the real secret in his picture is the ratio of spontaneity that he is able to establish with the bride and groom by putting them at ease and he really enjoys this. In this way, Salvatore Dimino manages to lighten the voltages related to the time and to create situations of cheerfulness and complicity.
    "Let yourself be carried away by emotions, show it and trust yourself, but above all don't ever stop to have the desire to improve".