• Sergey Ivanov
    Sergey Ivanov
    Biography: Sergey Ivanov Member of National Society of Photo Artistsof Ukraine (NUAPU) since 2005. Sergey Ivanov was born on 23 March 1973, in Khmelniytskyi, Ukraine. After finishing school he got a degree of a Stained glass artist and decorator at the Vocational college of Khmelnytskyi. Between 1991 – 1992 worked as a graphic designer at the Recreation park in Khmelnytskyi Since 1994 worked at the Regional Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of Khmelnytskyi, at the beginning as a graphic artist, then a cameraman, producer, and at the end – Head of “Podilliatelefilm”Film Crew. Also attended correspondence courses at the Kiev International University at the department of Cinematic Arts. Since 2005 worked as a cameraman at the leading Ukrainian TV Channels: 1+1 Studio, STB, Channel 24. He is a winner and laureate of more than 20 Ukrainian and international festivals. Meanwhile Sergey was mastering the art of wedding photography. He has been working for more than 10 years in the field of Artistic Wedding Photography and has developed a unique style of his own. He turns monotonous wedding pictures in a creative work of art. Sergey is known not only as a wonderful photographer and artist; he is also an excellent teacher. He has conducted more than 200 workshops in 30 countries. He is acknowledged as a creative personality at many Photography communities. Throughout his career he travels extensively all over the world Currently lives in Kiev, Ukraine