International Summit of Photographers & Videographers

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April 11-13 2017

130 days 02:41:48

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April 11-12-13 2017


About The Summit

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The International Summit of Photographers is the only regional gathering that aims to bring together photographers and videographers, those considering dealing professionally with photography and startin their own business, and all photography and video lovers, at a three-day educational event in Struga on the Ohrid Lake, Macedonia. The idea of organizing this conference is set a parallel and open discussion for photography as a business and art, and the way it is done in the world and in the region. The summit will provide and enable all interested participants to learn different techniques, new approaches, tips and tricks from some of the biggest and most successful names in the photographic business right now.

Why it is organized?

To create regioanl network of photographers and videographers. To raise the level of profesionalisam and creativity and to add new perspective on the job.

Is it for you?

First of all - you are photography and video lover! Are you profesional, semi-profesional, amateur, beginer? Doesn't matter, it is for you!

What you go home with?

Uniqe experience, personal network of photographers and videographers, lots of new contacts, exclusive "know how" from the best in the filed.


Greg Moment and Angelovski Photography are proud organizers of the International Summit of Photographers and Videographers. This Summit is Greg's and Angelovski’s second event in Macedonia, as they did very successful workshop in Skopje in October 2016. See the aftermovie here.

Greg Moment Photography

Beside the fact he is one of the best photographers in the world and proudly holds more than 30 international awards, Greg is passionate educator and international speaker, he has worked literally throughout the whole world.


Angelovski Photography

Angelovski Photography are photographers from Skopje, Macedonia with over 10 years of experience which 5 of them working on cruise ships and traveling and taking photos to all the corners of the World doing a lot of destination weddings along the way.


Macedonia of the world map

The Summit in Maceodnia is among 30 countries where Greg has held his workshops. Some of the locations are Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Egypt, Mexico, Ireland, Thailand, Malaysia, Africa, Mauritius and the Maldives.

Who's Speaking?

As speakers at the conference, for the first time in the same event we will see world famous artist, internationally established and multiple times rewarded professionals, as well as Macedonian artists, who will share their knowledge, experience and will work with the participants. international and five domestic photographers and videographers coming from different areas, different photographic genres, but each of them recognized and extremely successful in its field. The number of current awards they possess is 345 and grows every day.

Greg Moment (Poland)
Wedding photography

Among the top 10 wedding photographers in the world, with more than 40 international awards, Greg brings the trends in the photography.

Thumbnail Image

David Brenot (France)
Wedding photography

Photographer since 2003, specializes in both weddings and prestigious events. Based in the beautiful Burgundy region of France, David travels regularly...

Thumbnail Image

Dmitriy Usanin (Russia)
Wedding & Family photography

Author of the workshop "Posing & Postproduction", more than 10 years in the business, Dimitry is famous wedding and family photographer.

Thumbnail Image

Sergio Duarte (Portugal)

Besides wedding cinematography, Sergio writes and produces his own films in the field. He tell stories on the screen with greatest passion.

Thumbnail Image

Roger Tan (Malaysia)
Wedding & Portrait photography

An experienced master photographer who travels around the world. He has won over 150 awards, being loved for his creative, unique and fantastic artwork.

Thumbnail Image

Bojan Mitkovski (MK)

Bojan is the CEO of ZAGA Production, Macedonian leading company for photographing and filming weddings, that became available worldwide.

Thumbnail Image

AniDimi (MK)
Portrait and Fashion photography

Two photographers sharing their passion for fashion and everything about photography. They work with Unique magazine, and many fashion...

Thumbnail Image

Tomislav Georgiev (MK)
Street photography

This proven master of photojournalism photography will share his knowledge and experience for some of the most exciting aspects of street photography.

Thumbnail Image

Robert Atanasovski (MK)
Photo Journalistic photography

Proud winner of the 2016 ZAN MONE AWARD for best photo of the year, Robert works with some of the biggest information agencies.

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The summit will provide an expo hall where popular brands will present tech products, promotions and discounts in the field of photography videography and digital media. All participants can enjoy the coffee breaks at the expo sections in order to experience HQ brands and to get new contacts

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