• Marko Marinkovic
    Marko Marinkovic


    Lecture topic: Community over competition - an overview of the industry focus points and ways of reaching clients you want to get
    Lecture time: 15:15 - 17:00 (Day one)
    Awards and publications: His wedding work received recognition by Rangefinder magazine who selected him as one of the rising stars of wedding photography. His travel and wedding work got published in international magazines such as „The bride, Rangefinder, Together Journal, National Geographic, Luna & Honey or Perfect Wedding among others.
    Bio: In 2012 Marko Marinkovic quit his corporate job to become a wedding photographer. Pursuing a corporative career in the past left him with a set of marketing and communication skills that he uses as an advantage in his photography business today. When he is not taking photos, he enjoys traveling. He particularly enjoys doing both at the same time.
    „I do my best to shoot what it feels like, not what it looks like. Emotion and light“, Marko Marinkovic says. “These are my two main rules.” The Nikon shooter uses these to emphasize the story he’s telling with his photos, which lean toward candid documentary over posing and directing. Marinkovic looks at classic painters for inspiration, and edits for a slightly muted, pastel palette that gives his images a certain glow.
    „I’m open, simple and constantly smiling guy with a beard. I love the sound of my yellow Telecaster, taste of a sushi, Monty Python jokes, click of a shutter and a feeling that an airplane take-off has. I miss my hair, pre ’00 music and can’t stand mosquitoes, umbrellas or software updates“, says Marko.