• Pascal Délé
    Pascal Délé


    Lecture topic: The power of the movie,
    Lecture time: 12:00-13:45 (Day two)

    Pascal Délé is a film-director on his society (Lifestyle-prod) and wedding cinematographer, French ambassador for Blackmagic Design (for URSA MINI camera) and Lacie.
    During previous years, he has gained a significant portfolio, recording with his camera luxurious weddings throughout the world.

    „The people often ask me – Why do you want to do wedding videos? Well, what I like about it? Seizing the moment, sharing pure emotion, and the wedding film is a source of creative infinity. “

    Passionate by cinema, it was obvious for him to naturally tend to a movie and artistic aesthetic that would exalt wedding videos in a very personal and unique way. Very fond of details . He gives a special significance to the atmosphere of every film, to the music and to the colors.

    Some of his milestones, awards:
    ⦁ Memories of love – 1st place in the category Best-photography and 3rd for best wedding trailer (⦁ https⦁ ://vimeo.com/⦁ 217820890)
    ⦁ Flight over Montenegro – 3rd place in the category Best photography (⦁ https://vimeo.com/⦁ 172549430)
    ⦁ Storm of Love – 2nd place in the category Best – photography (⦁ https://vimeo.com/⦁ 147710046)


Memories of Love
Flight over Montenegro
Storm of Love