• Predrag Vuckovic
    Predrag Vuckovic

    Predrag Vuckovic is a professional photographer from Serbia.

    He is specialized in extreme sports, water and underwater photography (more than 2000 hours underwater), aerials (with nearly 500 hours shooting from airplanes and helicopters), expeditions, extreme conditions and action photography. Predrag is one of only a few official international RED BULL photographers, enabling him to photograph some of the biggest extreme sports projects ever. His modern style and approach to photography separate him from other photographers worldwide.

    During his career he has photographed over 550 different sports events in more than 70 countries around the globe with the world's best athletes and greatest celebrities.

    Vuckovic can be singled out from the majority of the world's photographers thanks to his rich experience in extreme sports, knowledge and special skills that enable him to arrive in places which are not accessible to ordinary people. This combination of skills has given him access to some of the most exciting and unusual photographic shoots ever seen.

    His story began as a hobby, which later turned into a profession. Simply said, adrenaline and the ability to do something that others cannot do in the field of extreme sports always pulls him forward and pushes the boundaries of photography.

    He is an SSI Scuba Diving Instructor and has been a scuba diver for more than 20 years. His love for underwater photography is huge, and he has the honor of sharing his underwater photos through various publications worldwide so that everyone can enjoy the amazing world of the seas.

    Predrag’s images have been published in more than 500 magazines and numerous newspapers and websites all over the world. Almost every single press agency has published some of his images and at the moment he has more than 300 registered cover pages!

    Predrag is an international ambassador for a few of the world’s biggest brands: Nikon, Subal Underwater Housings, Mares and Affliction Clothing!