• Sergey Ivanov
    Sergey Ivanov

    Lecture topic: The inspiration all around us
    Lecture time: 12:00 – 13:45 (Day 2)

    Awards and publications: He is a winner and laureate of more than 20 Ukrainian and international festivals.

    Bio: Sergey Ivanov Member of National Society of Photo Artistsof Ukraine (NUAPU) since 2005. Sergey Ivanov was born on 23 March 1973, in Khmelniytskyi, Ukraine. After finishing school he got a degree of a Stained glass artist and decorator at the Vocational college of Khmelnytskyi.
    Between 1991 – 1992 worked as a graphic designer at the Recreation park in Khmelnytskyi Since 1994 worked at the Regional Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of Khmelnytskyi, at the beginning as a graphic artist, then a cameraman, producer, and at the end – Head of “Podilliatelefilm” Film Crew. Also attended correspondence courses at the Kiev International University at the department of Cinematic Arts. Since 2005 worked as a cameraman at the leading Ukrainian TV Channels: 1+1 Studio, STB, Channel 24.

    Meanwhile Sergey was mastering the art of wedding photography. He has been working for more than 10 years in the field of Artistic Wedding Photography and has developed a unique style of his own. He turns monotonous wedding pictures in a creative work of art.

    Sergey is known not only as a wonderful photographer and artist; he is also an excellent teacher. He has conducted more than 200 workshops in 30 countries. He is acknowledged as a creative personality at many Photography communities.
    Throughout his career he travels extensively all over the world Currently lives in Kiev, Ukraine.