• Vladimir Gjorgjiev
    Vladimir Gjorgjiev

    Lecture topic: “Stock Photography as a business”
    Lecture time: 17:30 – 19:00 (Day 1)

    Vladimir got his first camera crush on Medium Format Film Camera in the last year of his primary education. Shortly after that, he switched to small format cameras and became a member of photo club in Sarajevo where he began to learn the techniques of developing black and white photography and experimented with photography and macrophotography.
    His first solo exhibition (Macro world) was in Skopje in 1994. After that he had three more in Skopje, two in Poland (Chestohova and Photography History Museum in Krakow) and the last one in Chicago (2011).
    In Macedonia he is considered a pioneer in portrait and fashion photography. He works as an independent photographer for different magazines (mainly covers), show business, advertisement and commercial photography. He runs his own studio where he works with commercial and stock photography.